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          鄭州邦達環保設備有限公司,邦達環保設備有限公司,鄭州邦達環保,邦達環保,Zheng Zhou BTE environmental protection equipment,BTE environmental protection equipment,BTE,

          Zheng Zhou BTE environmental protection equipment Co.,LTD

                Zhengzhou Bangda environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Bondarenko environmental protection") is the development, production and sales of environmental protection equipment, professional company.
          Zhengzhou Bangda environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in domestic oil and gas recovery unit, waste gas purification treatment device, coating waste gas processing device, environment online monitoring devices and other environmental protection facilities of professional design and manufacture of manufacturers, since the establishment of the company, has a number of domestic enterprises of various types of oil and gas recovery unit, waste gas purification treatment device, environment online monitoring equipment. The condensation method, adsorption method, absorption method, membrane separation method, catalytic combustion method, photocatalytic decomposition method and other techniques
          The company to the market, research and development, service as the core, the formation of a cross disciplinary, first-class technical team, in the energy-saving emission reduction, all kinds of VOCs emission control has carried out fruitful research and development work. Products in the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing, spraying, coating and many other industries and fields have been widely used.
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