Aladin Reskallah Eliminated in 13th Place (45,570)

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  In the final hand before the dinner break, Conor Beresford raised to 80,000 from middle position, Nicola Grieco called in the cutoff, and Aladin Reskallah defended his big blind. The flop got checked to Grieco, who bet 125,000. Reskallah called and Beresford folded.

  On the turn, things suddenly exploded. Reskallah checked, Grieco quickly bet 150,000, Reskallah check-raised all in for 1,065,000 and Grieco beat him to the pot with a call.

  Aladin Reskallah:

  Nicola Grieco:

  A primal cheer erupted from Grieco's mouth once he saw Reskallah's hand. The Italian nearly smashed his superior flush through the table in excitement. He then tried to run into the stands in celebration but the brush quickly put a stop to that. He returned just in time to see the irrelevant complete the board, leaving the tournament with twelve players into the dinner break.